This channel focuses on community and engagement. Chatting is always encouraged but please be considerate and polite.

  • This is a positive and welcoming community no matter what race, religion, gender or sexual preference. Conversations on these topics are not welcomed in order to accomodate the great diversity in the community.
  • Please respect the streamer. Rude, sexuailsed or negative comments are not welcomed
  • Please be kind to the streamer and others, even if you mean it as a joke
  • No spam, repeated questions/comments or excessive caps. You will be ignored or timed out.
  • No SPOILERS! You will get timed out
  • No backseat gaming. It's annoying AF
  • Do not argue with others in chat
  • No self promo
  • Don't feed the trolls
  • Don't be a creep. Don't be that guy
  • Only subs can post links

Lurker's are always very welcomed and appreciated <3


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