My name is Naysy. I’m a full time content creator from Brisbane, Australia. I’ve been streaming for about 3 years and mainly play first person shooters. My stream focuses on fun and interaction so feel free to say hello!

Photo by Miguel Angeles

Photo by Miguel Angeles


Is your hair real?

Yes it is! I've had purple hair for about 5 years now

Did I see you in an ad?

Yes you may have! It could have been this one....or this one.

Where are you from?

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

What did you study?

I have a degree in games development majoring in animation. I've worked in the games industry for the last 3 years doing marketing and community management. Previous to full time streaming I worked at Spunge Games on Faily Brakes and Hipster Whale on Crossy Road and Piffle.

What are your favourite games?

This is a tough question! But I love the Uncharted, Fable and Mass Effect series (not Andromeda). 

How long have you been playing games?

I started playing PC games like Doom, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein and Commander Keen when I was pretty young. My parents then bought me and my brother an N64 and I fell in love with Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie and Conkers Bad Fur Day. We then got an Xbox and me and my brother would play through the Halo campaigns. I’ve predominantly played console games but since starting streaming I’ve ventured intoPC games with Overwatch, PUBG and Battlefield V.

Do you have any tips for streaming?

I sure do! I will probably make a video because I have lots to share but for now:

  • Stream regularly and keep a consistent schedule

  • Get to know and be active within your local Twitch community

  • Talk and be interactive as much as you can. It's hard and takes practice but this is what makes a great streamer. Or YouTuber.

  • Game choice is important. Don't play super popular games. Some games have great niche audiences that love to interact.

  • Have fun! If you’re having fun, so will your audience.

Stay connected!

I have a YouTube channel that I upload highlights, tech videos and vlogs. I'm trying to upload more regularly so subscribe to stay up to date!


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